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Keyword Research Packages

Keyword Research Packages - WraySEO

Is your website not driving the amount of targeted traffic you want?

Maybe it's the keywords you're targeting that are the problem.

At WraySEO, we offer multiple keyword research packages to help you uncover the most profitable keywords for your website...

Finding the Keywords You Need

Our process for keyword research involves competitive analysis, to see what other sites are ranking for in your industry. Then, we see how your current keywords stack up to your competitors...

Keywords in Letters

What Your Ideal Customers Are Looking For...

The objective of any keyword research project should be to find terms that a) satisfy your user's intent, and b) are attainable to rank for.

If you run a dental practice, you won't want to target "dentist" because it doesn't satisfy any user intent. We don't know if the searcher wants to find a dentist, or just wants to learn some things about dentists.

Instead, you'd want to plugin your city name alongside that term—boosting the relevancy AND intent.

We will put our very best effort towards finding keywords that are relevant to your business and industry. That said, we want to be sure that these terms have your seal of approval.

We will send you our research and have a follow-up conversation to discuss why we chose each keyword.

Let's Get Started

As a business owner, you have enough on your plate to worry about keyword research. Let us take care of it for you.

You can select a keyword research package by itself, or get it in addition to the other services we offer.

Most business owners will elect for our on-page services after keyword research, in order to start implementing the keywords on your main pages.

Need keyword ideas to keep up with your busy blog schedule? No problem! Select a keyword package in tandem with our content writing services.