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Citations and Review Generation

Citation and Reviews Generation

Grow your local presence with citation building, and grow your customer loyalty through review generation.

Both pieces are instrumental for any local SEO strategy. Once set in motion, they can be streamlined relatively easily and added to your standard operating procedures.

Setting Up
Google My Business Pages...

Helping you setup and/or optimize your GMB to get you better rankings in Google Maps.

What Does Review Generation Entail?

Gathering reviews isn't what it used to be. The days of handing out forms to customers—literally on paper—are long gone.

Today, businesses have to earn their reviews.

It's All About The Strategy

It starts with a review generation strategy, which usually involves a value exchange.

Whether you're giving your customers a free e-book, a video, discount or giveaway, you just want to give them something of value.

When you give away something for free, your prospects are going to be way more likely to grant you a review—and a positive review at that.

Notice I said 'prospects' instead of 'customers.' Obviously you'll want to approach your customers for reviews too, but the idea I'm presenting is that you should get them from anyone you give value to.

This is 100% legal, in case you were worried. In fact, if a business isn't doing this, they are cutting themselves seriously​​​ short.

What Types of Citations Will We Build?

We will build citations that have the utmost pertinence to your business goals.

If you're a local business, we will focus on hyper-local citations. If you're an e-commerce site or are catering to a more national or international market, we will focus on building out citations that are the most appropriate.

What Other Packages Go Well With This?

Since this package focuses on off-page components, you may consider purchasing it in cohesion with my on-page optimizations package.

If you have any questions about SEO or content marketing, feel free to leave a message.