Best SEO Tools 2018 Part 2 - Cora Software Review

Best SEO Tools 2018 Part 2 – Cora Software Review

    Best SEO Tools for 2018 - Cora Software Review

    Our best SEO tools of 2018 would not be complete without a look at the latest and most robust piece of software around.

    #3 in our complete guide is Cora, and it comes to us by way of SEO Tool Lab’s Ted Kubaitis. It’s similar to Page Optimizer Pro (see our last review) because it measures a variety of ranking factors and tells you exactly which areas to improve across your site. But the reports you’ll receive go well beyond basic on-page factors.

    Cora includes upwards of 500 ranking factors in total! It correlates everything from the appearance of social account links to the presence of a terms of service page. Improve your search results today by enlisting the power of correlation software.

    Here’s a video we made to explain the tool further…

    How Does Cora Software Work?

    After going to SEO Tool Lab and subscribing, you can download Cora right away. It does cost $250/mo at this point in time, but there are several industry pros providing discount codes (see Josh Bachynski).

    As soon as you have it downloaded, go ahead and open it. Start exploring the interface and familiarizing yourself with everything. It’s not overly complicated but still takes time to get used to.

    When you’re ready to scan your first website, click on the “Domains” button and enter your URL. This will be the root domain of your site, not a specific page URL.

    Cora software domains button

    You’ll then type in the main keyword you want to rank for in the Search Terms area. Click “Search.”

    Cora Software Search Terms box

    This will show you the live page 1 Google SERP result for that specific term.

    Now it’s time to run the actual scan! But first, go into the “Settings” menu and make sure everything’s set the way you want it. Cora is ready to go right out of the box, but you may want to setup your Output Directory as well as adding an Ahrefs integration (if you have an Ahrefs account). You’ll also want to make sure to check the box that says “Enable LSI” so that Cora processes keyword variations in the scan.

    Cora SEO Settings Box

    Click “Save” once the settings are adjusted to your preferences, then click “Get Data” to begin the scan.

    Cora SEO Get Data

    It shouldn’t take more than 3-5 minutes to complete, but it’s wise to close other programs—especially any videos—during this time so that you don’t run your processor into the ground. Cora is a CPU hog.

    When it’s finished, go to your Output Directory and open up the newly created Excel sheet that is your final scan.

    Cora Scan example

    Don’t make a doo-doo in your pants, this isn’t as scary as it looks.

    You’ll see multiple tabs at the bottom of the sheet indicating each component of the scan. The first is called Roadmap, which is just a summary of adjustments that need to be made for your page to improve rankings for your main keyword.

    While this is a nicely formatted to-do list, I prefer to reference the Overview tab instead.

    Cora Scan Overview

    It’s similar to the Roadmap tab, only it shows every single factor that saw a correlation in the scan. Plus it shows the level of correlation seen, as indicated by the “Best of Both by Page” column.

    From here, just go through the report and see which signals need to be tuned in order to reach the practical maximum for your keyword. It’s that simple!

    I purchased Cora for one month and enjoyed it. My test saw modest rankings increases for a couple of the pages I used it on but saw a slight dip in rankings on another page.

    Cora ranking snapshot

    I think it’s important to use intuition and judgment when applying the results of these scans to your pages. For example, if Cora is listing a correlation for ‘keywords in the span tag’ it doesn’t mean you should go through your site and start implementing span tags everywhere.

    Who Is It For?

    Ranking tools are a dime a dozen, but if you’re looking to take your SEO services to the next level and you have a decent sized budget, Cora is a fantastic addition to your arsenal. You’ll learn a ton about the different SEO factors that can be affecting your page at a given time, and you can start improving your search engine results right away.

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