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My 4 Favorite After Work Meetup Spots in San Diego

    San Diego meetups after work

    In case you weren’t aware, San Diego is a pretty nice place to be.

    Living and working here is a blessing. With all the great activities and amazing weather, there’s never a bad time to be out and about. And what’s better than capping off a hard day’s work at the office with an evening out with friends and co-workers?

    Here are some of the best places to go after work hours in SD…


    Elbowroom in San Diego, CA

    Just up the road from the downtown area, Elbowroom is a cozy little sports bar with an Ohio theme. You’ll be greeted with a “Dawg Pound” banner as you enter the place.

    For folks working near the city, this is a nice stopping point on the way back up north.

    Fun Fact: It’s located next to a Sonic Drive-In, so you can go grab a tasty shake before heading over to the bar.


    Miguel's 4S Ranch

    One of the best Mexican restaurants in North County SD, Miguel’s is just classy enough to make it a great spot for client meetings. But it’s also a nice place to go after a normal workday, with reasonable happy hour pricing for food & drinks.

    If you’re traveling between Del Mar and Escondido, you don’t want to take the freeway home at 5. You’ll have way more fun stopping in for some fish tacos and beer—trust me.

    Fairweather Rooftop Patio

    Fairweather Rooftop Patio


    One of the more hidden gems in downtown San Diego is the Fairweather Rooftop Patio. It’s an outdoor bar on the 2nd level of Fairweather’s Restaurant, but what makes it so special is it’s close proximity to Petco Park.

    It overlooks the entire Park at the Park area of the stadium, and if you’re standing in the right location you can see all the way to home plate. Almost like seeing a free baseball game!

    A lot of professionals from the finance and marketing industries come by during happy hour, which often coincides with a Padres’ home game. You’ll get a healthy mixture of fans and local employees.

    Home & Away

    Home and Away

    Maybe I just love places that are off the beaten path, but Home & Away is definitely a hole in the wall worth stumbling upon.

    It’s situated in a weird spot, next to Interstate 5 between the Old Town and Mission Hills neighborhoods. If I hadn’t worked a couple blocks away I’d have never ended up there.

    Their beer selection is wide and all-encompassing (like most places in San Diego) but their food is supremely delicious. Seriously!

    Great burgers, burritos, and tater tots. Yep, they have tots. That’s a definite win in my book.

    I’d go over there with co-workers for lunch or after the workday. It was great for every meal!

    There Are Too Many Great Options Here!

    We are barely scratching the surface of great places to meetup after work. One of the reasons why I keep my business in San Diego is because of the fantastic eateries and places to mingle with other digital marketers.

    Stay classy.

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