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About Wray SEO

Temecula, CA has always been good to me. I moved there when I was just 6 years old. The year was 1996. My, how time flies.

Temecula Valley Wine Country

Now that I'm an SEO professional living in nearby North County San Diego, I want to help local businesses in and around the area by improving their online marketing efforts.

My goal is always to help you achieve higher rankings and conversions. I'm not a fan of fluff—which is a lot of what you'll find in the SEO business.

In fact, in the short while I've been around the SEO business, a few points have become very clear to me...

1) People don't follow through on their promises.

SEO "professionals" are a dime a dozen. There are thousands ready to guarantee page one rankings, but few who are prepared to put in the work.

Signing a contract is the endgame for many SEOs, when it should really just be the start of doing business.

Transparency is key, which is why I offer my clients the option of receiving a screen-recording of my work.

I will take you through the entire process of a site audit, show you how I conduct keyword research, and much more.

2) Rome wasn't built in a day.

These same SEOs who guarantee page one rankings are also the same ones claiming it'll happen quickly.

This is rarely the case.

A well-thought out SEO campaign requires many weeks and months to evolve, and even longer to see significant results.

3) Content is king, to a point.

"Content is king" refers to the idea that high-quality content, in and of itself, is all you need to succeed online.

Once again, this is rarely ever the case.

Yes, of course 'high-quality content' is important. It's the engine that gets your marketing efforts off the ground.

But you need gas to make that engine go...

This is why creating content isn't enough, and why SEO is so important.

4) Site must be organized the right way.

One of the most underrated parts of SEO is organization. Setting up your website for long-term success means setting up a clear site structure and interlinking between your main pages and sub-pages.

Unfortunately, the concept of interlinking is often misused in the SEO community.

It's not about linking haphazardly between random pages. The power of interlinking is unleashed only when you're doing it correctly.

Determining which pages are your site's main pages and linking up to them from your sub-pages can boost your rankings across the website.

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